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Wound Care Surgeons: Created for Health Insurance Reform

April 25, 2018
The creation of Wound Care Surgeons came about directly to take advantage of the reforms instigated under the Affordable Care Act, which created a lot of incentives for HMO and PPO insurance plans, as well as Medicare, and Medicaid providers to explore groups like Wound Care Surgeries as a low-cost delivery service model that diverts a lot of care away from expensive hospitals. This not only saves the patients, but it also saves their primary care physician and their insurance providers a lot of money, as well.

Overall, Wound Care Surgeons raises the level of wound care provided to all patients, even as they reduce costs. They manage patients throughout the Southwest United States, although their healing rates are tracked and benchmarked nationally. While their support structure focuses on Medicare compliance, they also coordinate care with physicians and mid-level providers. The program implemented by Wound Care Surgeons operated as something of an extension of the advanced evidence-based clinical pathways and they also expedite the healing process for wounds.